Sunday, October 24

5 questions!

The rules of this game are that you answer the questions posed by the person who tags you, and then you leave 5 new questions for people to answer.

1. What is your favorite food to eat for breakfast?

WOW so many options, how could I possible choose one. Well here are a FEW. My dad's pancakes with just butter and sugar on them. French toast with powdered sugar, syrup and strawberries. Crepes with butter and syrup oozing out the ends when you roll them up. Extra crispy bacon with a med-rare steak and scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese melted on top. and finally a bowl of doesn't matter what type as long as it is sugar coated (or can be coated with sugar) and doesn't contain raisins!

2. What personal accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

I would have to say that obtaining my Young Women Personal Progress award is one thing that I am most proud of. I really struggled with obtaining all the requirements. My mom pushed me to finish and there were times when I was sure she wanted to give up, but I am sure glad and proud to say that I finished.

3. What's the last book you read, and would you recommend it?

Oh man, I haven't read a book in a while. I think the last one I read all the way through was The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I love all of his work because it is well written and interesting. I think I have read all of his books in one sitting. They just suck me in to the point where I can't stop reading.

4. Describe the organization (or lack thereof) of your closet. Are your clothes arranged by type, color, season, something else? Is there something about it you'd like to change/add to make it better/easier to use?

The organization level of my close is at about a 6 out of 10. My clothes are arranged by type. First I have coats, then dresses/skirts, jeans and dress pants, tanks, nice/dress shirts, then T-shirts and finally my wedding dress! I tried to arrange them by color at one point, but that didn't last long at all!
If I could add something to my closet it would be about 50 square feet!

5. What is one talent/skill you'd like to develop and why?

I would love to learn how to play the organ. I love playing the piano so much and the organ just seems to cool! It would add a whole other dimension to some of my favorite music...the hymns!


I love cooking and feel that I am passable at it. I would love to learn how to cook my mom's rolls and my dad's pancakes.


Cake decorating is also a skill that I would like to develop. I don't plan on doing anything more with the talent then making awesome birthday cakes for my future children, but it has always been something I wanted to be better at.


I love styling my own hair! I did my own hair for my wedding and have already decided how I want to wear it for graduation and already practiced!
I wish I could style other people's hair with the same ease that I can do my own!

I tag: Jessica, Cheylee, and Liz/Jon...and any other person who feels inclined to answer my questions!

Here are your questions:

1) What is your dream car?why?
2) If you could trade lives for a day with one person who would it be and why?
3) If you were a chocolate dessert which one would you be?
4) What is your favorite holiday? (birthdays don't count)
5) Is there any hope for the Cowboys football season? A&M football season? What needs to happen to make these teams successful??

Friday, October 8

Law School...SchoolS!!

So my blog is boycotting my ability to post pictures and video, so this may turn into a "words only" blog :( However we have been having a pretty exciting couple of weeks and I finally have some time to share. (although I am pretty sure everyone already knows where this is going!)

As some of you know Chris has been preparing to go to law school for a while now! Earlier this summer he took the LSAT (159) and has been analyzing and choosing which law schools he was going to apply to ever since. He has been gathering letters of recommendation, transcripts, and personal evaluations to start the application process. A couple of weeks ago he was finally able to apply!! WHOOP! ....and then the waiting started....or so we thought...

We have already heard back from 3 of the 7 law schools he applied AMAZING blessing!
Here is the status of all the law schools he applied to:

Southtexas - pending
University of Houston - pending
University of Tulsa - ACCEPTED
Texas Tech - pending
OU - pending
University of Missouri - ACCEPTED
Oklahoma City University - ACCEPTED

We are headed to law school baby! Now it is not a question of whether we will go, but where we will go. So many options have been coming our way. What a blessing it is to have all of Chris's hard work pay off!

Now we are waiting to see if he will receive scholarships anywhere!Cross your fingers for us!

Friday, September 10

Old Post that didn't Post!

When Chris and I moved apartments, we moved wards as well. We are now part of the College Station 1st ward. Promptly after joining the ward we were called to be on the Activities Committee. Tonight was our first ward activity and it was awesome. We ate probable the best barbecue chicken we have ever eaten. Everyone was really nice and we met a bunch of new people. We stayed after to clean up and help get everything taken down and then started home. All in all it was a good night...UNTIL...I glanced down at my wedding ring. One of the diamonds was missing. Quickly we decided to say a prayer and headed back to the stake center hoping against hope that the diamond would be able to be found. A member of the ward had just got done sweeping the floor and by some chance he put the trash into a trash can that had just been emptied. Myself and a member of the bishopric started digging through the trash while Chris joined some ofter members of the ward looking on the edges of the gym floor. After about 2 min Brother Hickson said "Is that it right there?" There was my DIAMOND in the middle of the TRASH. It had been swept up not 5 min earlier. What a blessing!!!! We immediately said a prayer thanking heavenly father that we were able to find it. We are taking it in tomorrow to send it out to be put back in the ring!! We must be doing something right!

On another note we are almost moved into our new apartment. One new addition to our furniture was a large floral couch. We traded Jordan and Julia our pull-out couch for the floral one! Needless to say...I am not a floral print person (neither is Chris). SO we covered that sucker with a nice chocolate brown. I am in love with our new couch cover!

Monday, June 28

The Magic Number

Well most of you already know this…but I married a really smart man! But in case you need further proof of his intelligence, Chris received his LSAT scores back and he made a 159!
In case you were wondering…
The current LSAT is scored on a scale of 120 to 180.
The average score is a 150! This means that we are definitely headed to law school!

I am so proud of you sweetie! You are really the best!
(sorry for the lack of pictures and emphasis…something is jacked up the way I can post stuff on my blog…)

Tuesday, May 25

WARNING: Tons of Graduation pictures are in this post!

It finally happened. Chris has officially GRADUATED from TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY! WHOOP! On May 14, 2010, at 9:34ish am Chris received his diploma. This was a day we had both been looking forward to. Here are the events that happened at his graduation.

A&M has finally wised up and decided it was too much to have a commencement speaker at every graduation ceremony. There were over 6000 graduates this May! They decided that on Thursday, the night before all the graduations began; they would have one big speaking event. For Chris's graduation, the speaker was: General David H. Petraeus, U.S. commander in the war against terrorism in the Middle East and Central Asia. This was really exciting for Chris…and much better than having someone like Obama coming to speak! We went at 5:30 on Thursday night to hear him speak. It was very interesting! He was a really good speaker.

On the day of the ceremony, Chris had to be there early and I wanted to get good seats, so we left pretty early. Well Chris got there on time, but as far as the seating goes, it was pretty crazy. We ended up on the second deck, only we were on the side that faced the back of the graduates as they crossed the stage. BUT we were able to get some great pictures!

We didn't know when Chris would be coming in, or which door he would walk through...all we had to do was wait and search the hundreds of graduates to find Chris! He is the one in the black graduation gown wearing black slacks and a white collared shirt with a green tie...does that help? After about 10 min we found him! Can you see him?

OH WAIT..there he is!

Since the commencement speaker was the night before, things went by (relatively) fast! Here is Chris right before he went on stage. He is telling the announcer (which had an amazing voice btw) what his name was. Apparently, Chris told me later, that they checked to make sure he was actually Christopher Collin Cooper like 7 times before he made it to the stage!


Here is Chris accepting his diploma...thanks Julia for taking these (& all of the) pictures!

(We ordered some other pictures of the graduation and I will post them when we get them!)


Once Chris had graduated, there were still over 1/2 of the graduates left. He decided to leave early to let celebrating could begin! Thanks to everyone who was there to support Chris during his big day!

Chris with the BandO, ClaireO and BearO

My Dad, Sarah, Me and Chris (my grandpa came down too, but he was unable to make it to the ceremony)

On mine and Chris's way home, we went to get his diploma framed. Myra's was having a special where she could frame the diploma in 1 hour. After we dropped the diploma off, it took about 15 min to get to our apartment. We hadn't even gotten back long enough to change clothes, before she called us and said that the diploma was ready! So I jumped back in the car and went to pick it up!

I love it! and more importantly...Chris loves it! It looks so nice. One of the reasons that he chose this one, was b/c of the coin with the A&M crest in the bottom of the frame! Needless to say, if she is still doing the same style when I graduate...there will be two just like this on our wall!

After everyone oohhhed and awwwwed over the diploma, it was time to celebrate! Chris just wanted to grill steaks and chill at our house so that is exactly what we did. As most of you know our apartment is tiny so we set up some tables outside to eat dinner. I was really worried about the weather, but luckily the rain held off until we had everything cleaned up.
Thanks to everyone who helped with the food! It was EXCELLENT! We had steaks, baked potatoes, rolls, and corn on the cob!

The whole group...

For dessert we had watermelon, Chocolate delight, and homemade butterfingers ice cream!

A couple days after, we took some more graduation pictures! Thanks Julia for letting us keep your camera for a couple more days!

Chris Cooper, Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2010!

The proud wife!

The proud parents!

The proud graduate!

Chris I am so proud of you! You worked so hard (especially this last semester) and finally reached your goal! I love you! YOU ARE THE BEST! WHOOP and such!

Friday, April 16

Easter... life has been pretty busy as of late. So I am just now getting to my Easter blog post. Easter was over conference weekend so we celebrated by watching conference! We had my brother Bryan and Meredith and Davanee over to watch conference with us. In between the sessions on Saturday I decided that I wanted to dye me some Easter eggs! Davanee especially enjoyed cracking the eggs together. The next day I hid them around the room so she could find them when she came back over!!

Another little something that happened not too recently... My family came down for Spring Break. One morning all of them came over to enjoy some waffles that I made! If you don't know my apartment is not equipped to handle having more than about 6 people at a time...and that is if we use all the rooms!!
While the Fam was here, Hannah and Dalin wanted to watch a movie. So they got the portable DVD player and went into the only room in my house that didn't have anyone in it!!

Spring Break was during March Madness so Chris and David watched some Basketball in the bedroom.

Before my family got there Meredith and I had been working on a petti-skirt for Hannah (my youngest sister!) She picked out the colors herself and I think that it turned out really CUTE!

This is Hannah and Davanee on the Sunday of Spring Break.

the end.

Monday, March 1

believe it or not...SNOW in college station

There was snow in College Station!

I love snow (in small quantities and if I am wearing enough layers)...
This amount of snow was perfect!

Friday, January 29

I cut my BANGS!

I decided to give myself a haircut on Sunday and the result...BANGS!
Tell me what you think??

Tuesday, January 5

Christmas is...

putting up the christmas trees...

...the Nativity....

and playing Halo 3, Rockband,and Wii.

Christmas is ...
...checking the calender to see what happens next...

looking at fountains...

chasing kids with tons of energy...

being together with family...

ice skating in the park...

and large decorative balls.

Christmas is...

Riding on trains...

...paddle boats...

and playing disk golf.

Christmas is...

looking at christmas lights...
 matter what type of vehicle you are driving.

Christmas is...

the house next to the best house.

Christmas is...

coming in second in the Amazing Cooper Race...

...or Winning the Amazing Cooper Race.

Christmas is...

...playing with kyle...

...boxes of cereal...

...air fresheners...

...Dick Van Dyke re-runs... games for your xbox...

...getting blue-ray dvds, even when you don't have a player (yet!).

Christmas is...

...springform pans and can openers...

...being the designated present passer outer...

...picture frames...


and Aggie OR caps.

Christmas is...

learning Christlike attributes and family testimony meetings.

At least that's what Christmas is when you celebrate with the COOPERS!