Saturday, November 14

Chris's Aggie Ring Day!

The day had finally arrived November 13, 2009: CHRIS'S RING DAY...a day he has been looking forward to for a very long time. Unfortunately, Chris's ring day started out like any other day...waking up at 6AM to go to work. Ya that kind of sucked...but nothing could stop the smile on Chris's face...even at 6AM.

Luckily while Chris had to go to work I was able to get off. So I went and stood in line to get his Ring Ticket and to pick the time when he wanted to get his ring. 2,500 Aggies were going to get their rings today, so in order to get the time slot you wanted, you had to get there early. I drove Chris to work and then went to stand in line to get the ticket. No one could pull their ticket until 7:15, but when I got there at 6:35, a few hundred people were already waiting in line!! It was crazy. There were people who had camped out over night. Even though there were hundreds of people in front of me, I was still able to get a 4:30 ticket! WHOOP! All this happened before 8, but I still had some things to do. I went home and started prepping things for Chris's Ring Dunking Party (more on that later).

After Chris got off work at 12 we did what he wanted to do...which was pretty much relax, b/c it had been a pretty hard week!! Skip forward to 3:00 and we started to get ready to go and get Chris's ring!! For those who don't know receiving your Aggie ring is more important than walking across the stage to graduate. To qualify for a ring you have to have:
  • 90 completed undergraduate cumulative hours
  • 45 completed undergraduate hours at A&M University
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Must not be on academic probation, suspension, dismissal, expulsion, or on honor violation probation from the university.
Since it was such a big deal, we invited Chris's family to come and celebrate with us!

We got there a little early so of course random picture were taken!

Chris and Bando showing off how 'excellent' they really are!

This is the crowd of people that were there...and if you look toward the right of the picture you can see a giant replica of the Aggie ring, it weigh 6500lbs.

Finally the time for Chris to get his ring arrived. We walked into the Alumni building, down the hall where we waited in line with other Aggies whose last name began with 'C'...then it was Chris's turn...WHOOP!!

Chris checking out that the spelling of his name is correct. They were able to engrave his whole name on the inside. This may sound quite impressive but the ring was size 14 3/4 so there was no problem!

Chris putting on his Aggie Ring for the first time! WHOOP!

"Chris is no longer a Sophomore and he has a ring to prove it!"

Gig'em Chris!

Next it was time for pictures...

Gig'em Aggies

The whole group:
Lou, Steve-o, CrittyPuH, Snooze, Bando

Chris and his Parents

Chris with one of his good friends Ross, who also got his ring that day!

After Chris got his ring it was time to PARTY!
Thanks to Sarah for letting us use your house...since our little apartment was too small!!

One unofficial tradition A&M has connected with receiving the Aggie Ring is a Ring Dunk. Traditionally an Aggie would dunk their ring in a pitcher of beer, aprox 60oz, (hence the tradition is unofficial). Then you would chug down the whole pitcher and catch your new ring in your mouth! Since dunking the ring in alcohol would pose a problem in our marriage (among other things) Chris chose to dunk his ring in his favorite drink: Dr Pepper.

The pitcher filled with 60 oz of DP...
I had Chris's name and date of his ring day engraved on the front. When I get my ring, we will engrave my info on the back!

If you look really closely at the bottom left of the pitcher you can see Chris's ring at the bottom!

Then the time came to dunk...
This is Chris before...and

This is Chris right after he dunked his ring... and...
right before he threw up!
It took Chris 42.6 seconds to down 60 oz of DP. Needless to say he only solidified that he is THE MAN! It was freaking amazing to watch...don't believe me...scroll down and watch it for yourself!

Watch Chris BTHO Dr Pepper!

Today was definitely in the Top 3 Most Awesome Days Ever!
Gig'em Chris!

Monday, November 2

Photo Blog

Here is a photo timeline of the last two weeks....ENJOY!

Pumpkin Festival up in Paris!

Matthew and Hannah Fishing

I caught one

Matthew and Grandma Murdock

Hula hoop contest - Mark won twice!

Dalin Fishing - IF you caught a fish you won some candy!

Random pumpkin decorations


The whole group: Me, Sarah, Matthew, Dalin, Hannah, Mark, Mom

There was a costume contest... Sarah saw this group and burst out "It's a whole family of supers....OH this is just too good!!"

This was the most random piece of decoration there....does it remind you of anything....a cult maybe...??

After the festival...

Pumkin carving

Me and the Best Women in the World

My latest Floral Art creations...



Chris being a ghost...or that random decoration at the Pumpkin Festival!!

We went to the Institute Costume Party


Hera (I was unable to wear my heels, b/c I cut off too much of my costume...the 4 in heels on the shoes would of made my costume look funny!)

Brett and Stephanie

Us again

Care Bear Stare!!

Sarah and Emily

Barbie and Operation Game (Jon)

Hera and The Nerd


Happy Halloween the Aggies won!!


Lots of winning...A&M, Cowboys, Colgate...makes for a great weekend!

Sorry for the lack of words...but they say a picture is worth 1000 technically there are 28000 words in this blog...give or take!