Wednesday, September 23

My Husband... The BUS DRIVER!

Another Aggie football game = Another Aggie victory...although I was a little pissed to find out that we only won by 8. When I left the game we were ahead 38 – 17. Why you might ask would I leave an aggie football game early, even if we were winning? Am I a 2% er? NO…there is only one logical answer why anyone should leave a football game early….I AM A BUS DRIVER (or in my case… MY HUSBAND IS A BUS DRIVER)!! I am proud to say that my husband, Chris, makes an excellent bus driver. He loves his job. Pretty much b/c he gets to sit and drive all day and listen to music! I usually ride with him after the games! Who would of thought that riding on a bus at night rocking out to dépêche mode would be so dang cool! Another reason Chris loves his job is b/c he has really good supervisors.

This is Chris when his supervisors aren't looking….

This is Chris when they are…

The only downside to driving A&M busses is that you have to drive for some of the football game. This means that you arrive a little late and have to leave a little early. Hence we left the game with 7 minutes left thinking that the Aggies had played pretty good and at least won by 21 point. Little did we know that they would slack off and give 13 more points to utah state (HISSSSSSSSSS). I guess at least we won, but the Aggies need to step it up….b/c there are plenty of games left and luckily, Chris only has to drive for 2 more of them!! WHOOP!

P.S. about half way through the game we noticed one of the coaches on the utah state team (HIIIISSSSSSS) had an exceptionally impressive mullet! We just had to take a picture! This thing is amazing!

Monday, September 7


College Football season has arrived and A&M started out with a bang!

Final Score: A&M 44 NM 6....and it looks like A&M has a chance to win more games as well. We had a pretty good passing game. Our running capabilities suffered at the beginning, but towards the end we looked OK. All in all it looks we could have a pretty good season on our hands. Cross your fingers for the Aggies!

Finally Seniors...WHOOP!!

Besides watching the game another reason I like going to the games is to watch the band....

Now forming at the North end of Kyle Field...

Sorry the Video is fuzzy!!!