Wednesday, June 24

A Day of Chris

Last Saturday was Chris's Birthday!! As usual I am a little late on getting a blog up of his birthday, but better late than never! Chris's birthday celebration started early on Wednesday. I had told chris that we were going to celebrate at our house with a bunch of our friends...when in reality, I had planned to surprise him at my brothers house. He knew there would be a celebration, he just didn't know when or where! Everything went according to plan...I had to go visiting teaching that night with a girl who lived close to my brothers house. On our way home, I called to see if he could pick me up there instead of her driving me home. He was a little concerned, b/c people were supposed to be arriving at our house soon, but he believed my BS and drove over to get me. He was really surprised. At this party we ate yellow cake with chocolate icing and an oreo creme pie! Both are on Chris's short list of cakes that he likes! After some presents, we played some games. This was on Wednesday..Oh I forgot to mention that while I was visiting teaching, Chris was watching WIPEOUT with the husband of my visiting teaching partner! (don't worry kyle... I was able to catch up and watch the wipout epsiode the next day). That weekend we went to Houston. Saturday was Chris's day! We woke up early to go and play disc golf. Normally I would not consent to waking up at 8:30 on a Saturday...but after about 10 it is too dang hot to go and play! On the way to disc golf, we stopped at an amazing donut shop where we had donuts and crescent roll kolaches! YUM they were the best I ever had. Only Chris, John, Liz and I were able to go and play, but we had a blast! (the only pics I have of Chr's birthday golf experience are those from Liz's camera, but I was only e-mailed ones of me and chris, so that is why there aren't any Of Liz and John. I did however pull some pics of Chris playing earlier golf games!)

This is at our first hole of the day! ...on a side note, you prob can't tell, but that is a Buckee's shirt I am wearing! Everytime we go to Houston, we pass Buckee's Billboards we always say we will stop and get a shirt, but never have. For those who don't know, Buckee's is just a gas station, but the shirts are pretty cool! So this time, when we passed to billboards, I said we should stop and we DID. Now chris and I both have Buckee's t-shirts.

Isn't he amazing??

After about the 10th I was getting pretty hot, so I decided to spice things up and theme some holes. The first hole was themed Maria Sharapova. See if you can pick out why?

Well we thought that one was pretty cool so then Chris came up with the second theme hole: Olympic Shot Putters...

We had a really good time playing disc golf. Liz had an alergic reaction, so we weren't able to finish the game, but that didn't really matter because we were all really hot and ready to get in a pool! That is exactly what we did as soon as we got home. After we had swam, everyone else was home, so we all went out to lunch at Brother's Pizza! Thanks Chris for picking such a scrumtrelescent place to eat! After Brothers, it time for the pool again! Chris's birthday day ended with his favorite meal and more presents. Can anyone guess what Chris wanted for his meal???

...if you guessed Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, rolls, and white gravy, then you know Chris as well or better than I do.

We topped it all off with German Chocolate Cake! Mmmmmmmmmm!

Happy Birthday Chris! I am so glad I was able to celebrate with you. You are a fantastic husband! I love you so much. I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished and your drive to be successful in life. I know you will do well at anything you set your mind to! I am glad that you hold the priesthood. It is a blessing to have you with me for eternity!! I Love You.

Monday, June 8

Last Saturday me and Chris were able to go spend some time on Lake Bryan! One of our friend’s, Dad, left his boat here for the month, SO we got to go out and have some fun!
They say a picture is worth a thousand here is like 16,000 words..give or take a few hundred!

This is the lake of fun and excitment.

This is the Boat...
that took us to the lake of fun and excitment.

This is the snake we found in the lake....

while riding the boat that took us
to the lake of fun and excitiment

This is the tube that threw us around
in the water where we found the snake
while riding in the boat that took us
to the lake of fun and excitment!

Ok i can't think of any way to put the rest of these pictures so that they work in my rendition of The House That Jack i'll just add a couple of subtitles and call it a blog!!!

These next pictures are from us doing high speed bailouts. What is a high speed bailout you might ask? Pretty much you stand on the back of the boat...till it reached a speed of about 35, BAIL OUT! it is freaking fun a crazy! and no it does not hurt...contrary to popular belief!

me and chris

sarah and jordan

This is Sarah after a sepctualar jump on the tube and she stayed on and her partner didn't!

This is Chris after he ate it on his third time riding the tube! He flew pretty far!!

All in all a marvelous day!

It was the day after, that the pain and suffering of our sunburns happened, but that is a another blog all on its own!

Tuesday, June 2


Tonight me and Chris went and saw the new Pixar movie UP. It was really funny. I loved it a lot. One of the best aspects of it was the fact that it wasn't just another funny movie, it actually had a story line and brought out emotions in the viewer. I would recommend this movie to anyone. Another interesting fact, one of our friends, Nicholas Naugle was actually interning at Pixar when they were making this movie. He mainly helped with the short film, Partly Cloudy. If you go, you should look for his name in the credits of the short film before the movie. He worked with lighting.
OH we also watched it in 3D! here we are sporting our glasses. I think we would fit in with the Blues Brothers. Chris thinks we resemble Elvis Costello! Either way I was glad to take them off when the movie was over!

On another note we took our monthly trip to the temple and of course stayed at Lou and Steve-O's house. When we weren't in the temple, you could prob find us out in the pool. Chris decided to lay out with Lou and soak up some sun!

Well tomorrow my summer is officially over. We start summer classes...! So...not that you would, but don't expect a blog for some time!!