Saturday, June 14

Tubing Down the Guadalupe

Today was a pretty cool day. We woke up early and headed out with all the young singles from both university wards to go tubing down the Guadalupe River. I had never done anything like this, so i was way excited. After we stopped for donuts, we headed out. Chris was the man and drove us the 2 1/2 hours there and back. To cut back on gas we carpooled with my roomate, Cheylee, her fiance Dave (who chris now works with at Reynolds and Reynolds) and daves sister, Sarah.


Sarah, Cheylee, Dave


This pic is here, because we saw some beautiful trees on the way there and Chris was so amazed that we had to take a picture. I figured his amazement made the trees blog worthy...
So anyways, after we got there they wanted us to have lunch. Which meant that we had to wait for an hour while everyone pretended to be hungry and ate the sandwiches that were provided. It was 11 in the morning, so i had a cookie and was full...GGGGAAAAAYYYY! Then we were informed that instead of the 2 hours that we were supposed to float, we were going to have the privileged of floating for 4 hours. This is Chris after he heard the news!

Since we were already there, we couldn't protest by not going, so we doubled our sunblock and hoped for the best. Apparently our best was not good enough. If only the ride could've been 2 hours, it would of been perfect. This was not the case, so now me and Chris are fried lobsters and Chris even has a bit of tube rash across his back. GGGAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! But we ended up having a blast! We got to hang out with all our friends and even my older brothers and their wives came with us. Also there was this cool rope swing at the end that i swung off of. Chris who has had a bad history with rivers and swings decided to save himself the trouble of another hospital trip and floated on ahead. There were also some way cool rapids that spit you out at the end. All in all a good time, except we are so burnt. So to make up for the burns, we decided to go and eat at the Gristmill. It was way good and the atmosphere was cool. We were sitting up pretty high and looking down on the river. The only drawback was that there was not any air conditioning, so we were all still simmering from our burns. Here is us at the Gristmill...

view from our table

yours truly (happy but burned)

guess who!?

Cheylee, Sarah, Dave

Meredith and Bryan

Aaron and Natalie
on a side note, take a look at Aaron's shirt. What you see in the picture is I LOVE MY WIFE. What you don't see is that in an orange-ish font color it really says I LOVE it when MY WIFE lets me go hunting! So true!

For the record: me and Chris have 55 more days till we get married!!!! And my wedding dress will be here MONDAY!

Wednesday, June 4

Aggie Baseball

Topic: Aggie Baseball
Some of you are under the impression that chis and I have not attended an Aggie Baseball game this season...
Fact: On the 31st of May in the year 2008, Chris, Rebecca, and friends sat in the Boiling heat, 101 degrees, and watched the Texas Aggies CRUSH Houston! Final score: 22 to 4. It was amazing! We scored 6 homeruns in ithe game and 12 runs in the 7th inning
Proof: see pics below!
For the Record: we have been kind of slacking when it comes to physically supporting Ag Baseball, but in our defense, we are planning a wedding and have been gone for the last 5 weekends! Enjoy the Pics

Me Diana Jen Jared

Before the sun went down and it was still 100

After the sun went down, we look happier cause it is now 95

a cool pic taken by chris, check the ball behind in the left side of the pic

Score at the bottom of the 7th, we scored 12 runs alone in the 7th