Wednesday, July 29

A quickie!

Well the bad part of summer, aka summer school, is just about over. Me and Chris have two more tests, and an oral presentation left, all due by next Thursday! Then it is off to celebrate our anniversary and just have a good time.
Last weekend we decided to start things off early and went on the Annual Float the River trip with our ward. It was way fun and since we were in the water I only have ONE picture. Here are a few facts about the trip:

Fact: We carpooled with some of our friends; Brett and Stephanie! And had a fun time
Fact: The traffic was so bad in New Braunfels that it took us 30 min longer than normal to get there
I had to really pee while we were in bad traffic. I saw a couple of porta potties. I jumped out of the car, ran across two lanes of on-coming traffic and made it back to the car before it had moved very far!
Fact: This time we applied sunscreen and didn’t get burned
Fact: Usually I am freezing when we float the river, this time I was fine b/c it was over 100 degrees outside
Fact: The river was VERY crowded
Fact: I have never seen so many drunks in my life!
Fact: We ate at Clear Springs after the float and it was fantastic!
Fact: After Clear Springs, I just had to have some ice-cream, so we went to Freddie’s Frozen Custard and had some!
Fact: It was a blast!

Here is my only picture from that day. This was in the car on the way to the river.

Another fun thing that happened this week, Chris bought me flowers. They are some of my favorites….Gladiolas! They are my favorite color! Thanks Chris, Love Ya

Wednesday, July 22

My NEW Color! I said I was going to post some pictures and here they are!!

The new me!

but still the same old me!!

I love my new hair! and so does CHRIS!!

Sorry my hair is a little greasy, but I promised my sister I would post pictures tonight and this is all I had to work with!

tell me what you think!

Monday, July 20


This weekend I did something random....I DYED MY HAIR! It is hazelnut brown...with auburn highlight!
Pictures coming soon!!

Sunday, July 5

What happened on the 4th of July!

So I have found some time to blog about our fantastic Fourth of July! Me and Chris spent the day doing things that we both wanted to do. We slept in till about 10, then we played Rockband. Usually when we play we take turns picking out which songs we want, but this time we just let the game select songs at random. It worked pretty good, but some songs we just can’t figure out why they even made it on to the game. For instance, “Electric Version” by The New Pornographers. Has anyone even heard of this group?? And Why would anyone call there band the pornographers in the first place???
After Rockband we went out to lunch at Southern CafĂ©. It is kind of a little hole on the wall the Chris had eaten at with some of his friends. I had never eaten there, but Chris said that the food was really good. I would have to agree. Everything was homemade. YUM…I hope we go and eat there again! After lunch we went home and played “Pimp My Ride.” It is way ghetto. The graphics are bad, but we both love it. It was pretty fun, we both played a level. Then I decided to make a pie. (I just realized how random this blog is sounding…but that is kind of how the day went, plus I really don’t want to go back and re-word everything) This was my first time to attempt a pie. I have always heard that the crust is the hardest part. Normally, I would ask my mom for her recipe, but she is in Colorado for the week, so I decided to go online and see if I could find one. I found this one and I really like it: . I only made a cherry pie, because the filling is already prepared for you, but in the end I think it turned out really great. The only problems I had were rolling out the dough, but it only took one bad try for me to figure it out, and the crust didn’t get done all the way. However, it tastes amazing, which is really all that matters anyway!!

Later on that evening, we went and cooked out with some friends.

The Grills...

I love rootbeer!

We had so much food and this is only the main course. I didn't take a pic of the desserts, but justs imagine the food in the pic replaced with cake, fruit tarts, and pie!

This is the group we hung out with. I purposely meant for them to be caught unaware!

Patrick & Amber


Bryan, Rachel & Anthony

Stephanie & Brett, Missie & Joseph

After dinner, we went to the George Bush Library to watch the fireworks. While we were sitting out in the grass waiting for the fireworks to start the sprinklers suddenly came on! Luckly we made a quick run for it, and didn't get wet. A lot of the kids we way excited to be able to play in the sprinklers!
Earlier that week, I found a great deal on some glowsticks, so I bought enough for the whole group.

I love Fourth of July! I love America!...even if I don't agree with our president right now....