Friday, September 10

Old Post that didn't Post!

When Chris and I moved apartments, we moved wards as well. We are now part of the College Station 1st ward. Promptly after joining the ward we were called to be on the Activities Committee. Tonight was our first ward activity and it was awesome. We ate probable the best barbecue chicken we have ever eaten. Everyone was really nice and we met a bunch of new people. We stayed after to clean up and help get everything taken down and then started home. All in all it was a good night...UNTIL...I glanced down at my wedding ring. One of the diamonds was missing. Quickly we decided to say a prayer and headed back to the stake center hoping against hope that the diamond would be able to be found. A member of the ward had just got done sweeping the floor and by some chance he put the trash into a trash can that had just been emptied. Myself and a member of the bishopric started digging through the trash while Chris joined some ofter members of the ward looking on the edges of the gym floor. After about 2 min Brother Hickson said "Is that it right there?" There was my DIAMOND in the middle of the TRASH. It had been swept up not 5 min earlier. What a blessing!!!! We immediately said a prayer thanking heavenly father that we were able to find it. We are taking it in tomorrow to send it out to be put back in the ring!! We must be doing something right!

On another note we are almost moved into our new apartment. One new addition to our furniture was a large floral couch. We traded Jordan and Julia our pull-out couch for the floral one! Needless to say...I am not a floral print person (neither is Chris). SO we covered that sucker with a nice chocolate brown. I am in love with our new couch cover!