Wednesday, August 19

Officially an AGGIE

Chris ordered his aggie ring yesterday! WHOOP!!! Size.....14 & 3/4. You know what they say about guys with big hands....!!
November 13 = Ring Day
Congrats Chris I am so freakin proud of you!

Monday, August 10

One Year Eternity to Go! HOW EXCITING!

It's official, Chris and I have been married for one year and can I say that it has been one of the best years EVER! Chris is the best. Since our anniversary was on a Sunday, Chris decided to celebrate for two day, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning Chris went and helped move one of our friends into their new duplex and when he got home, he was carrying FLOWERS and the ingredients to make homemade pizza AND cheescake! He is so sweet. As most of you know, my favorite flowers are Gladiolus. Chris brought home 20 stems. Each stem has about 10+ flowers on it, so in reality he brought me home 200+ flowers!!
Also, a new movie came out on Friday, Julie and Julia. I really wanted to see it, but it is a Chick Flick and I don't make Chris go and watch those with me. Usually I take my sister but she is back home for a couple of weeks. However, Chris took me to see Julie and Julia! He sat through the entire movie...good thing we had popcorn and Cherry Coke!
That evening, we had some friend over and just hung out.
Sunday Chris woke up and started to make the pizza crust. Thanks to Stephen and Lou for the recipe. It almost didn't work. Half way through, Chris realized that we didn't have enough flour to complete the recipe. It would of been tragic, but luckly, we had some friends that lived close and we were able to borrow some flour! Then the pizza crust wouldn't stick together to form a ball. There just seemed to be problem after problem. Then things started to work out. We even made it to church on time.
After church, I made some breadsticks. It was our first time to make them and they turned out really great. While we ate dinner we watched Hero! An excellent movie that we both love. After that we went and hung out with some friends.

Here are the pics of the evening...

Chris getting his Chef on!


Chris a little PIZZA HAPPY!

In goes the pizza....

...and the breadsticks...

...out pops a masterpiece!

The dinner set-up (with my flowers)

We made it through one year!