Saturday, October 4

The Great Eight Challenge...

 has been a really long time since this blog was updated. SO I figured I'd take the great eight challenge (thanks to Mel) and change things up a little :) Also there are some pics from our wedding...enjoy!

Here it goes...

8 - T.V. shows I watch:
1. PROJECT RUNWAY ( Kenely needed to be kicked off a long time ago!!)
2. What not to wear
3. The Office
4. Seinfeld
5. 24
6. Top Design
7. (when I'm bored) Tabatha Salon Take-Over
8.Football games (thanks to chris!!)

8 - Favorite Restaurants
1. Panda Express
2. Outback
3. Chef Caos (sp)
4. McDonalds (yes i'm a poor college student!)
5. Papa John's
6. Fazoli's
7. Johnny Carinos
8. Chedders

8 - Things that happened yesterday
1. School
2. Work
3. Chris locked the keys in the truck
4. Lou locked herself out of the house
5. Ate dinner at Black-Eyed Pea
6. Fell asleep in a chair watching Clean House
7. Chris tucked me in (after hauling me up the stairs after i fell asleep in the chair)
8. Took a shower (man not much happened yesterday!!)

8 - Things I'm looking forward to
1. Halloween (any costume ideas? i'm not sure what we will be yet)
2. End of the semester
3. Thanksgiving
4. Christmas
5. Cool weather (mostly for Chris's sake!)
6. Graduating from A&M
7. Any vacation whatsoever
8. My Birthday
8 - On my wish list
I Wish...
1. Trucks got better gas mileage
2. I was awarded unlimited shopping spree
3. I had an unlimited home decoration budget (great idea Mel)
4. I drove a Sport Car ( i don't know the type but it would def be red or purple)
5. I got to see my family more
6. I could go on a cruise
7. I was traveling the world with chris
8. Chris would get into whatever law school he wanted

8 - People I tagged're all special, if you look at this blog, feel obliged to do THE GREAT EIGHT CHALLENGE!!