Saturday, May 31

Polo Club

In 71 days, Chris and I will be married for time and all eternity! :) Then we will finally get to move into our own apartment together. A few months ago this would have been a problem because we didn't have an apartment to move into. We knew we needed to find one pretty quick cause it was prime time for people to be getting notice of the end of their leases. SO we started looking. We were really blessed because in about 3 days after we started looking, we came across Polo Club Apartments!

There we found a comfortably sized one bedroom apartment at a reasonable price. We signed the lease the next day! :) Problem solved...or so we thought. We didn't have any furniture to fill our apartment.Luckily the Lord was looking out for us. The week after we signed the lease one of our friends, Brad, called us and said that one of the guys he works with was getting rid of his couch and did we need one. Did we ever! So we went and looked at it...

and then we had a couch! It is really comfortable. I love the color of the cover, but even if we had to use the blue color underneath, we could because it is still a good looking couch! We were feeling really good about our apartment now, but we had no idea what the next week would bring. Almost one week later, Chris was at work and got an email from his bishop that one of the girls in his ward was moving to soon to sell her stuff and was giving away two recliners and a couch. Chris called right away, because he really wanted some recliners. He even had his roommate, who was good friends with this girl, call and plead our case. We then got a call back and found out that we could choose to have the recliners, or the couch. So I went to look at them...

and Chris got his wish of having recliners, and i got one too!

They are almost in brand new condition!! By now we were just amazed that we have furnished our apartment just by blessings. That got us thinking about what else we could put in our apartment. What else could we use...a coffee table! We began looking around for one, since we both love to put our feet up we figured it would be a good idea to have one! A few weeks went by and i randomly found one that i fell in love with on craigslist. However, they wanted $75 for it, and i wasn't willing to pay that much for it. Then the next week i looked again, just in case it was still there and it was! Not only was it posted, but it was also $25 cheaper! I emailed the seller, and went and looked at it the next day...

It is way cool! the top is slate squares that are removable, and the bottom is a black steel frame! Plus it is only 3 months old! I LOVE IT. plus in case anyone hasn't noticed, all of our furniture matches!!! We were so excited to move into our new place, now we are even more excited cause we have furniture to put in it!

he already looks at home.

We have two double door closets :) that's our definition of comfortable but reasonably priced :)

Thursday, May 29


Last weekend Chris and I went to Houston to take our engagement pictures! We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Steve-O, Lu, Julia and Jordan for helping us make the pictures look amazing. Also another BIG thank you to Julia for letting us borrow her camera!
Here are a couple of our favorite pics and also a template for the announcement. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it let us know!

These are from Galveston...Day 1

This is photographer number 1 (Steve-O) and his beautiful wife (Lu) !

We took some pictures on the ferry. This one is cool cause it looks like the bird is attacking Chris :)

This is one we took on the rocks. I love it because we look more casual and ourselves. Maybe it is because we are barefoot!
These are in Houston on Day 2:

Photographer number 2...after she forgot that the sprinklers were on and got all wet!
...and these are just some more great pictures of us! ENJOY

One word: leapfrog

We took some amazing jumping pictures that day ;)

And now the moment you have all been waiting for our announcement template. it is not completely done. The actual announcement will be more horizontal but the picture concept will be the same!

Tuesday, May 27


Howdy! Ya I said Howdy. I am still trying to get used to it, since becoming an Aggie (whoop!). This is me and Chris's first blog! ya! We figured since I am getting closer to becoming a Cooper everyday, we are doing all that we can to make it a smooth transition. :) Hence the blog! and we want all of you to know that we thought long and hard about the name of this blog spot. we think we came up with a pretty good one :) As for the upkeep of this wonderful blog...we will do the best we can, but we are college students who are in love and planning a wedding, so we can already guarantee (since it isn't the weekend) that we will not be as faithful as Mel (the blogger of all bloggers!)
love you guys~ Aunt and Uncle Hubba

This is Chris after he found out we were doing a blog!

and this is me when i decided to...and yes that is cake in my hand!!