Wednesday, July 30

Bridal Picture Sampler...the one you've all been waiting for!

Here is a sample of some excellent bridal pictures that me and chris took a couple weeks ago! sorry for the lack of words, but in this instance the pictures speak louder.

and just in case you are wondering, yes we are still in Texas! these pictures were taken in Roundtop at a place called Festival Hill

Wednesday, July 2

everything since 6/21/08

For the last couple of weeks, Chris and I have been doing nothing but wedding. Which means that we have been taking lots of blog pictures, but haven't been able to find the time to post them. Until now...
We'll start where we left off, Right after the ward tubing trip. As you all know we were both really sunburned, now you get to see the pictures to prove it.

First is my burn. These are my feet the day after. The reason there is only one picture of me is because mine was nothing compared to Chris's (see pictures below). For those of you who know chris seeing him sunburned is a rare occasion so feel lucky. Good thing in my opinion, cause when he burns, he goes all the way!

Front view

Back View

And if that wasn't enough if you look on his back on the left and right side where it is really red, that is a mixture of sunburn and a rash from the tube rubbing against his skin. OUCH!
After a few days, it did what all sunburns usually do...PEELED. guess who got to rub lotion all over his back when this happened!? you guessed it, his loving fiance who would do anything for him. For those who don't know i have a peeling process when you get sunburned this bad. First we went into the shower and i rubbed, ever so gently across his back. This helps get rid of the loose skin. That way when I lotion it, i won't get pieces of skin all over my hand and the skin that needs the lotion will absorb it.

So we went to the tub and I rubbed his back. I didn't know that his back was going to fall off into the tub. as you can see, he had a lot of loose skin...and some of came off in BIG pieces.

After we were done rubbing, his back looked ten times better, but as you can see from the picture it still hurt a lot. Then came the rubbing in the lotion...and more rubbing...and more rubbing. Although it took a while, we were able to get his back, back to normal! and now he is PEACHY. i just hope that when we tube again this weekend that this won't get so nasty. :)

OK part 2...a week after the tubing trip, we were able to go up to Tyler, TX to get some wedding shopping done. My brother, Aaron and his wife Natalie, live in Tyler. Since it is kind of a middle point for my family and me, my mom was able to drive down and we were able to meet her to do the wedding shopping. The main thing we were looking for was the cake stand! My mom is making my wedding cake (in case you were wondering my mom is amazing), but she did not have a stand to put the cake on. Our only hope was Michaels. Luckily we were able to find exactly what we wanted. A three tired cake stand with 2-2in round drums in the center instead of columns. Around the drums, we are going to put pictures of us! We were also able to find some amazing ribbon that is working great on our announcements. After the shopping was done, it was time to play. All of my siblings were able to come up with mom which was really cool. One thing we all love to do as a family is SWIM.

Here we area swimming, obviously not all my siblings were present! and i would name off the people in the picture, but this blog is getting too long already!

I will name these next two towel heads, CHRIS AND REBECCA COOPER. We were acting like nerds, per usual!

and finally, some of ya'll know that i was made a sister again a few months ago. Lets just say that Dalin is fitting into the family very nicely!

he will do great things...