Friday, December 11

A little Randomness never hurt anyone...

First off...I did a little Christmas decorating. We aren't going to be in town for Christmas this year, but I still wanted our house to show a little holiday cheer, so I put up a Christmas tree!

I was at the Dollar store and saw this ' Charlie Brown' tree and just had to buy it! The presents you see under the tree are for me and Chris from my parents. Instead of doing one big gift, my mom decided to give us the 12 days of Christmas (not literally, for those of you who watch the office, even though I thought that was pretty cool!!) Each present has a number on it and starting with December 13, we get to open 1 present a day until Christmas! It is way fun!

So here is our "christmas tree"

This topper is the only one I could find at the dollar store. It is pretty much 1/2 the size of the tree. I don't know how it is even staying up there!

Changing topics... this is the random part...I just finished my Floral Art class at A&M. I took it because I needed some more hours in Horticulture and it turned out to be the best class ever! For our final we got into groups of two and had to create LIFESIZE replicas of people from different decades. It didn't have to be a certain person, but it had to symbolize something from that decade. It was way fun! The materials used to create the shape of the 'bodies' was chicken wire, but then we had to cover it with dried plant material. (you could use some clothing if you wanted, but you still had to incorporate plant material)

The 90s! I love this guys boombox!

The 80s!

The 70s!

I really like the detail on this one...the face, hands and feet are rose petals and the hair is corn husks!

This one is from a decade in the 1800s...I think that they picked 1860.

They made theirs completely from cornhusks...

This one is from the 1930s it is depicting a photo titled "The Stooping Man"

This was one one of my favorites they used nothing but plant material as well, but they used a combination of leaves instead of corn husks.

This one is from the 1920s.

(Personally, I think a flapper would of been more appropriate but what do I really know about the 20s!)

In case you can't tell, this is a bride from the 20s...

Lastly, is the FUTURE!! my group depicted a person from the 2080s! We used all plant material except the alien pet and her neon green hair! On Chris's suggestion we named her Ziggy Stardust... :)

specifically I did the boot all by myself. It is a moon boot with a heel made from sweetgum balls and some random neon green leaves. We didn't even spray paint the leaves this color. They are found that way in nature! On a side note, this took a really, really, really long time. in fact it took so long that we didn't even make a second boot, we just stuck that leg behind a moon rock and called it good. I don't think that it will hurt our grade, b/c it was my profs idea to do it!!

Anyway that was the climax to a great class...if only my other classes had such fun finals. They meet the time consuming criteria, but just not the fun part.
P.S. I missed posting about Thanksgiving...big surprise there...maybe I will post about it later...maybe case (when) the latter happens I'll just tell you we had a great time!