Wednesday, May 20

Stuff You Might of Missed

I just started a new job, WHOOP!. I am one of three student workers that work in the Dean of Student Life's office. Sounds really fun and exciting right....Well lets just say that I am blogging at work, which should tell you two things...ONE I have a lot of down time right now and TWO I am really bored...because I am blogging(something that I never do :)!

This blog is pretty much just a couple things that have happened in the last little bit...
Recently Bryce aka Tiny, one of my friends from College Station, graduated for fire academy. (i have no idea if that is even what you call it). One evening friends and family were able to go and see what the student had been up too. Pretty much it was a chance for a bunch of student to light stuff on fire and them shoot it with tons and tons of water! It was pretty intense (insert here a joke chris usually tells[it was pretty is camping!]). Anyway here are some pics of the evening...

By the way...this is tiny! ( for reference I am about 5'11)

Way to go Bryce!


Chris and I went up to Paris for my birthday and introduced my family to the wonderful and exciting game of Disc Golf!! They really loved it and have become so addicted that they made up there own course at the ranch (using 5 gallon buckets) and are now a serious threat when we go and play with them. By the way Thanks to all for my Brithday presents! I love birthdays, especially mine and can't wait for chris's, June 20!!! Oh and today Happy Birthday LIZ!
Anywho here are some pictures of us and the family playing 'real' golf, 'better' golf, or 'cheap' golf, whatever you want to call it!!
This is part of the group on the second hole

Mom getting in on the action!

Mark! also michael peeking in on the corner :)

Aunt Cherie (check out her form...:)

Peach aka Hannah!

Pardon the arm in front of the camera

This is matthew...that is not his disk in front of him...

Like with most sports that are some obstacles that you have to conquer! Mark got his disk stuck in the bushes...on a side not, chris thought he lost his favorite disk yesterday on the first hole. He spent the better part of an hour trying to find it, only to learn that one of his friends had found it and was going to give it to him the next time he saw them..."information that would have been useful an hour ago".

At least, Just like Mark, Chris got his disk back!

The pros!

Well that is about all that I have time for...I don't have any work to do, but Chris is about to get off and we usually chat on facebook! Till next time...whenever that will be :)