Friday, October 23

Plants Plants Plants

My life these last couple of months has been mostly school and work. When I am not writing my next paper or creating a floral design, you will most likely find me learning the scientfic names of plant.

Hort 306: Woody Ornamentals

COURSE DESCRIPTION: here are a few hundred plants...half you need to learn the scientific name, family and common name and description and be able to recoginize by sight (from small clippings). The other half you only need to learn my scientific name and description. have fun!

Needless to say this class as been a THORN in my side...

On that happy note...Who wants to learn this weeks plant list with me...

Fragrant Sumac - Rhus aromatica - Anacardiaceae

Apache Plum - Fallugia paradoxa - Rosaceae

OH I forgot to need to be able to spell these correctly or points will be taken off..

Tree Yellow Bells - Tecoma stans - Bignoniaceae

(This one is way fun)

Flame Acanthus - Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii - Acanthaceae

Rockrose - Pavonia lasiopetala - Malvaceae

Coralberry - Symphoricaarpos orbiculatus - Caprifoliaceae

(sometimes I question what the scientific authorities were thinking when they named some of these)

Cuphea - Cuphea spp. - Lythraceae

Flowering Quince - Chaenomeles spp. - Rosaceae

Spirea - Spirea spp. - Rosaceae

Weigela - Weigela florida - Caprifoliaceae

(This is actually a small list...usually there are a few more!!)

Border Forsythia - Forsythia X intermedia - Oleaceae

Pride-Of-Barbados - Caesalpinia pulcherrima - Fabaceaa

Beautyberry - Callicarpa americana - Verbenaceae

Texas Kidneywood - Eysenhardtia texana - Fabaceae

Raise your hand if you hate Latin....!!

A&M plays Tech this weekend...on second thought maybe studying plants isn't that bad...

Friday, October 16

Halloween Part 2 & Floral Art

Slowly but surely I am putting my halloween costume together!
Last week I bought

B/C I needed some gold shoes. I had some black heels that I never wear anymore, so I figured that I would just paint then gold and see what happens!
VoilĂ ! Golden Shoes...

On a side note I am taking a Floral Art is my latest design

Friday, October 2

Halloween pt 1

It is finally October. For me October means Halloween. I love Halloween. Even though I am 21 I still think it is great fun to play dress up! Last year me and chris went with some friends to the anual institute party. Our group went as the characters from the boardgame Clue. We were Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock.

For those wondering, YES that is my real hair...I just styled it to look like a short curly do!

This is me with Professor Plums's pipe!

This year I think that I will be the greek goddess hera. I am making my own outfit and doing my own hair. I have already started putting the pieces together. For my hair I was going to curl it or buy some hot rollers to get a curled updo. Then I thought of rag rollers. I decieded to try them out last night just to see what they would do to my hair. Here is what I found out!

I didn't get a chance to style it this morning...but I did find out that I had Shirley Temple curls! More to come on the actual styling later.

I am still trying to get chris to dress up with me this year. He really isn't the dress up type...if you know what I mean!